What about the ‘Rule of Law’?

That Scooter would walk, I had no doubt. I figured that he would be allowed to remain free while the appeals process continued. Never in my wildest imaginings did I dream up this scenario: President Bush, after the judge told Scooter he’d have to cool his heels in jail while his lawyers appealed the verdict, commuted the sentence.

My question to the Republicans is: What happened to your vaunted ‘Rule of law’? You know, the one you used to bludgeon the Democrats with during the Clinton debacle? When we exclaimed that Clinton was being targeted for consensual relations with an intern, you replied that it was the lying not the BJ. He lied about it to a grand jury.

Let’s fast forward to 2007. I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby was found guilty in a court of law, of lying to the grand jury and obstructing justice. Where is your respect for the rule of law now?

Or is it a case of ‘It’s OK If You’re A Republican’?


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