This just makes my blood boil…

‘Cost-Efficiency In Discharging Vets

The Nation:

Eventually the rocket shrapnel was removed from (Spc. Jon) Town’s neck and his ears stopped leaking blood. But his hearing never really recovered, and in many ways, neither has his life. A soldier honored twelve times during his seven years in uniform, Town has spent the last three struggling with deafness, memory failure and depression. By September 2006 he and the Army agreed he was no longer combat-ready.

But instead of sending Town to a medical board and discharging him because of his injuries, doctors at Fort Carson, Colorado, did something strange: They claimed Town’s wounds were actually caused by a “personality disorder.” Town was then booted from the Army and told that under a personality disorder discharge, he would never receive disability or medical benefits.’


So let me get this straight: We’ve sent our best and brightest to fight in a war that was ill-conceived, for reasons which have turned out to be lies; now when they are no longer of any use to this bloodthirsty administration, they are discharged in such a way that they can’t even get the benefits they are entitled to?

And somehow, with a straight face, this administration can say that they are the only ones who support the troops??? Unbelievable!


One response to “This just makes my blood boil…

  1. Truth be told the care of Vets from every war has always been spotty and substandard. That this President and his Ass kissing G.O.P wrapped themselves up in the Flag and claimed to be the party who “cared” and “supported” the boys and girls in uniform made it all the worse for them when it was shown what hypocrites they are.

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